The relevance of social networks in promoting the brand, company, offer …
Social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, LinkedIn, besides the ability to place classic ads, have huge potential in creating fresh and new content and are a great way to expand and build long-term communication channels with the target group.

  • Creating and editing business pages;
  • Creating posts;
  • Publish posts directly from your website or create videos, collapse photos, animations;
  • Publishing posts by pre-defined dynamics.
    Priority should have the most important content from the site, with a dynamics of 1 to 5 posts per day (depending on the social network);
  • Proportionate division when creating and targeting the goal of created post and paid advertising;
  • Use of external services for testing or analysis and improving the effect of posting and advertising.
    Example: research / analysis: age, sex, the most adequate posting time for a particular market.
  • Linking your website to your Facebook page;
  • Monitoring of results and detailed analysis;
  • Manage advertisements / paid ads

We offer you a service that consists of assistance and counseling for the most effective promotion on social networks and in the management of permanent campaigns through social networks. This implies the opening of pages or profiles (if they do not exist), promotional activities aimed at increasing the visibility of a page or profile, connecting with related groups and everything else depending on your requirements and needs.