Mass mailing – sending promotional mail flyers

By direct email marketing, a predetermined target group of potential clients, directly through a promotional mail flyer, introduces with your offer. You are able to easily and quickly get to know thousands of potential customers with your product and service offerings. A unique way to include a significant part of the market with minimal investment.


  • Newsletter design – aesthetically and functionally incorporated content in text, photo and video formats that remains in the mind of the end customer;
  • Audience Targeting – Choose to who we will send Promotional Emails, Selection of Legal ;
  • Sending e-mails – through our servers, we deliver your promotional mail to an agreed number of email addresses;
  • Detailed statistics – we periodically inform you about the results of the campaign – how many people opened the mail, clicked on some of the content within the promo mail, for which product or service there is the greatest interest, etc .;
  • Multiple savings compared to classic advertising.

When is the direct email campaign most often used?

    • if you want to send your customers a promotional offer
      material, offer or any form of notice;
    • You want your offer to reach a wider circle
      potential clients;
    • You want to know the level of market interest
      for products and services from your offer;
    • Inform buyers about news in your business such as stocks, new products in
      offer, open new objects


    • quickly and easily get to know the market with your offer – choose the scope and dynamics of the campaign, to how much email address we send promotional mail, how many e-mails per day, week and month …
    • multiple savings compared to the classic ways of communicating with the market;
    • the ability to target the audience;
    • the content of promotional email – aesthetically and functionally incorporated content in text, photo and video formats – remains in the mind of the end customer;
    • Detailed statistics – we’ll get to know the results of your campaign.

**Due to the existing and especially new regulations in the field of data protection (GDPR), there are certain restrictions on the implementation of email campaigns, especially in the territory of the EU.