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GDPR compliance

Websites compliance with EU Data Protection Regulation.

The provisions of the GDPR concern site owners in the following segments:

  • The way data is collected through forms (contact form, newsletter newsletter, etc.)
  • The way in which analytics data is collected
  • What is done with the collected data
  • Where the collected data is stored
  • The way it communicates with contacts and users
  • Code used - plugins and themes.


Segments :

  1. Privacy Statement
    - original for each individual site, without a copy-past version of others, because each site uses special / different services and uses data in a certain way;
    - the way you take into account the visitor's information you come to;
    - a description of the services installed on the site;
    - how to store the information you receive;
    - do not forward the obtained data and keep a separate record of it;
    - anyone who wants to request the deletion of their data, in which case you are obliged to do so.

  2. Cookie
    - An option to accept the use of cookies on your site from a browser cache that is used to monitor and analyze user behavior on the site, and store all important traffic information and visitor profiles.

  3. Quick and easy viewing of personal information
    - functionality of user profiles

  4. Permissions on the form for registration of new newsletter subscribers
    - editing premissions,
    - edit a newsletter form for reporting or creating a new,
    - tips and implementation regarding updating the existing user base.

  5. Editing contact forms, chat form, comment page
    - Adjustment of all forms / pages / additions to the web site through which the visitor's data is collected and processed.

  6. Checking the site / topics and plugins / plugins on the site
    - compliance check for GDPR

  7. Checking the hosting provider
         - checking the compliance of the provider on which the client's website is hosted.

    You can contact us in order to first conduct a free analysis of your website, on the basis of which we make the offer.

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