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Newsletter Design

Many years of experience in creating promotional mail flyers and several hundred designs.


    • Functionality and quality

      • professional software for the development of newsletters;
      • adhering to current marketing guidelines and streamlines;
      • validation of newsletters;
      • checking the spam rating of the newsletter (ensuring unhindered and orderly delivery);
      • checking how the code of the most important mail clients is displayed;
      • the ability to incorporate files (view and download);
      • "Call to Action" buttons;
      • one click - "unsubscribe link".


      Aesthetically fitted content

      • Incorporating all relevant client data (logo, contact details ...);
      • proportional to the ratio of text and photos;
      • adequate selection of "Subject";
      • adequate font and color selection;
      • linking content;
      • positioning essential content for the client in special (visible) positions.


Look at some of the design examples ..


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